Fire coil rolling doors

Dock and Door systems four-hour rating and 18 gauge steel slats, this model is the best choice for optimum fire protection and maximum security. This full-featured, competitively priced product is designed to exceed industry guidelines with a UL four-hour rating. Use Dock and Door systems system fire hoist operators for easy reset after fire alarm. Every Fire Coil door is built for superior performance and includes the features listed here.

Fusible links:

Automatic door closure is initiated by one of three fusible links that melts at 165ยบ Fahrenheit.

Spring loaded governor:

Incorporates corrosion-resistant components to assure a smooth, controlled descent. Protected by a steel head plate cover (cover not shown). Not available on UI model.

Counterbalance system:

A torsion spring-operated system, enclosed in a structural steel barrel, effectively counterbalances the door for a minimum of 10,000 cycles.


All fire coil door curtains are constructed with heavy duty steel slats. See below for a complete list of slat styles.

Bottom bar:

Curtain bottoms are reinforced with a minimum of two steel angles for maximum durability. A bottom astral is included on all motor-operated doors.

Guides and end locks:

Structural steel angle guides provide added support for curtain slats. Zinc-plated, malleable cast-iron end locks prevent lateral movement of the curtain slats.

Curtain hood:

For maximum structural rigidity, curtain hoods feature rolled edges and are formed from 24-gauge, hot-dipped galvanized steel.