Dock lift

Loading dock should have a dock lift so trucks with odd height differentials are not well served by your dock. Save the high cost of loading dock construction, work from any truck bed level to grade level and handle unstable loads quickly and safely. These hydraulic scissor lift dock lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors, pit mounted, pad mounted or surface mounted. Increase productivity, safety and efficiency by allowing workers to load and unload with ease.

Pit mount dock lifts:

Pit installed dock lifts allow ground level access for many ranges of material handling equipment without the need for ramps. Handles hand cart to lift truck. Breaking down pallets of product can be eliminated, thereby dramatically increasing efficiency and security. The potential of product damage can be reduced. Pit mounted dock lifts can be found in capacities and sizes to suit the most demanding applications. Available in 3,000lb -- 25,000b abilities.

Greater efficiency can be accomplished by utilizing a dock lift broad enough to permit side-by-side pallet loading. On our pit-mounted units, all rollers are captured to avoid upending. Steel tread plate is used on all running surfaces for sure foundation. Piston-type hydraulic cylinders have hard-chrome plated and polished sticks, with polyurethane seals and wear plates for extended, leak-free life. The pressure-compensated valves assure smooth starts and stops; with even controlled motion.

Surface mount dock lift:

You can have a loading dock anyplace you need as long as you have leveled concreate surface that support the base of the dock lifts without deflecting. There is no pit required. Standard loading dock lifts models are available with capacities up to 5,000 lbs., adequate to accommodate hand carts, 4-wheel carts and pallet trucks. Heavier capacities are available for special applications. Surface-Mount dock lifts are equipped with optional flip-down wheels for easy transportability to new locations, using a removable dolly handle. Special bridge and ramp plates are available to adapt the scissor dock lift to your application. The approach ramp and end-rails can be factory located to accommodate right-angle loading. The 42″ high handrail is removable for awkward loads. The standard self-contained, on-board power unit is designed for operation on 110/220-volt, single phase, 60 Hz power so that you can use the loading dock lift anywhere. Other power options are available. The checkered plate deck is made of heavy gauge steel for years of use. Hydraulic cylinders feature emergency safety velocity fuse if line breaks. It comes complete with upper travel limit switch and overload relief valve. The push-button control is on a 20-foot-long coil cord. Pre-wired control box includes magnetic starter and overload fuse. High visibility safety yellow removable handrails with fixed toe boards are standard. Includes beveled toe-guards and electric toe-guards around perimeter of platform. We can build custom size and capacity required for your application.

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