Dock Bumper

Loading dock bumpers, also called truck dock bumpers or dock pads, are used to prevent damage to loading dock equipment, buildings, and vehicles or trailers. Loading dock bumpers are usually made of rubber for its resistance to impact, weather, and abrasion. Dock and Door System’s dock bumpers protect your building from the impacts of backing of trailers, costly impacts that crumble buildings, damage equipments. Wrong size or poor quality bumpers do not provide the needed protection rather it destroy your investment  if you didnt pay attention to replace on time.Since every loading  dock is differentprovides many different types of rubber dock bumpers. Each are designed with different benefits, from styles designed for heavy traffic to one piece units for lighter conditions, allowing you to choose which option is best for your facilities.

Laminated dock bumpers : Laminated dock bumpers are maintenance free, weather resistant, and prevent damage to trucks, loading docks, and buildings by providing protection against impact of the trailer backing into the dock.

Extra length dock bumpers : Extra length dock bumpers offer protection for the entire door size. These bumpers are available up to 123″  wide, and come in a variety of heights and projections.

Moulded dock bumpers : Moulded dock bumpersare great for low traffic dock applications and can be ordered in many different sizes.

Extra thick dock bumpers :  Extra thick dock bumpersare the perfect product when greater stand out distance from the dock area is needed.

Extruded dock bumpers : Extruded dock bumpersare appropriate for outdoor or indoor protection. Use them for commercial loading docks, parking garages, and marinas. Extruded dock bumpers are also used on tow trucks, trailers and heavy duty construction equipment. Choose from a variety of styles.

Steel faced dock bumpers: Steel faced dock bumpersare ideal for use in docking areas where excessive friction from up-and-down trailer movement occurs. The steel face gives the bumper at two times the life expectancy. These dock bumpers come in a variety of sizes.

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