Commercial Air curtains/ Air doors:

Dock and Door Systems line of Commercial Air Curtains are ideal for managing your workplace environment and protecting your facility, employees and customers from the vast array of internal and external contaminants. Air curtain reduce the loss of conditioned [cold / hot] air and maintain consistent temperatures with these powerful air curtains. They repel flying insects, dust, and pollutants. The low-profile design allows installation in tight spaces. Dock and Door System Air curtains allow unobstructed traffic flow through your high traffic and high use door openings.

Dock and Door System unique air compression chamber creates a coanda -effect that collects air emitted from the blowers and creates a concentrated air stream that flows from the chamber and covers the entire doorway with a solid shield of air. This highly uniform air stream reduces unwanted/unconditioned air infiltration while enabling doorways to be left open so that people, equipment and inventory can pass freely. There are no gaps in our air flow!

In the summer, Dock and Door System air curtains keep hot, humid air and bugs outside where they belong, while maintaining a cool, comfortable environment inside. In the winter, Dock and Door System air curtains re circulation the hot air that naturally rises to the ceiling, keeping the exterior cold drafts from entering through open doorways and prevent heated air from escaping. All material utilized in Dock and Door System air doors are of the highest quality to ensure ultimate performance and a long-lasting product. Most Dock and Door System air doors are constructed with 100 percent stainless steel components, making the unit rust free and more durable.

For optimum use for both climate control and insect control the air curtain should be installed on the inside of the door opening. If the application is strictly for insect control, the unit may be installed on the exterior of the opening.All our models feature electrically commutated (EC) motors that are significantly more energy efficient than traditional permanent split capacitor. The motors are specifically designed for air curtain applications, with the time between motor activation and maximum speed less than 1 second.

[A PSC or permanent split capacitor is a type of motor that is designed to do two things. It turns on and it turns off. The electrical output of the motor is not controllable and there are no speed variances to control. Because the motor operates at a constant speed, the use of energy is a constant and efficiency is lost. ECM motors allow for variable speeds which can correspond to the unit’s call for air flow. Typically, an ECM motor will slowly come on and increase the speed of the fan gradually as opposed to just coming completely on at startup. This saves energy and further, the ECM will only reach a maximum speed that matches the setting called for by the thermostat]