Bug screen door

Bug screens are an economical and ideal solution for screening out bugs, birds and other unwanted pests from your industrial facility.Bug Screens also allow fresh air into your building while acting as a physical barrier, deterring theft and trespassing. Bug screen applicationoading docks, warehouses, distribution centers, food manufacturing facilities and any other location that requires protection against unwanted flying insects, birds and airborne pollutants.Bug screen door helps you meet FDA and AIB regulations.custom made stainless steel bug screen door that provides a complete seal in your loading dock opening. It retrofits into your current door. Keep your existing door , just add an overhead screen door.

Bug Screen Mounting Options:

  • In jamb mounting  Bug screen doors can be mounted within your doorjamb. This requires approximately 8.5″ of headroom, 8.5″ of jamb depth, and 5″ on each side of jamb.
  • Face of wall mounting  Screen  bug screen doors can also be mounted flush to the wall when there is no door present. If the bug screen is mounted outside, we recommends a protective covering to protect the barrel and motors from damage due to external elements and weather.
  • Inside stand off mounting  The most common way to mount a screen bug screen is to mount it around your existing rolling steel or sectional door. This keeps the door mounted inside the building, protecting it from external elements.
  • Modular design: Interchangeable panels allow for quick and easy repair of damaged panels. Panels simply slide in and out of the wind stiffeners. This eliminates the need for replacing the entire door, decreasing maintenance and repair costs over the life of the door. To use your bug screen all year round, you can slide out the mesh bug screen panels and replace them with solid vinyl panels to control the temperature in the fall and winter seasons.
  • Extruded Aluminum Wind Bars: Extruded wind bars are up to 50% stronger than other stiffeners in the industry. The high strength stiffeners combat high winds and negative pressure.
  • Breakaway bars: Breakaway bars prevent the roll-up screen door from breaking if hit. The bottom bar releases in either direction and can be easily placed back into the track.
  • Extruded aluminum guide tracks: Track guides direct the roll-up door with UHMW inserts that reduce friction and prevent black aluminum dust
  • Safety options: We can include safety features such as photo eyes and pneumatic reversing edges to ensure that the roll up bug screen will not damage products or injure personnel that might be in the way of the closing.

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