Barn doors

Are you looking to construct a farm workshop or implement a storage shed? Or are you building your dream horse barn? Keep in mind that the type of door you need to install differs depending on what type of pole barn building you have and how you intend to use it. There are three common types of pole barn doors sliding, overhead and hydraulic. Here, we break down these three types of barn doors to help you make the right decision.

What type barn door is best for you ?

The type of pole barn door you choose will often depend on your business. If your pole barn door is for a warehouse where you are storing machinery with no special temperature concerns, a simple sliding pole barn door will probably be sufficient. If your pole barn door is for securing animals, a sliding door may also be best — but you will probably want to insulate it to keep heat in during cold weather. If your pole barn door will be allowing vehicles in and out, pole barn overhead doors are usually the right choice

Manual sliding barn door

Sliding doors are a great bargain if you do not plan to move your equipment in and out of your building on a daily basis, or if you don’t mind manually opening and closing the door. Each time you enter or leave your building for an extended period of time, you’ll have to unlatch and slide the door open, and then slide and latch it closed again. Sliding doors give you the most ultimate height (for a given wall height) since they don’t require 12″-18″ of clearance for rails used with overhead doors.

Sliding barn doors have been the reliable answer for agricultural buildings, shops and airplane hangars. Oversized equipment and machinery, demanding large openings, have encouraged the use of sliding doors for years. Barn doors low maintenance system. Self-cleaning, self-aligning and self- lubricating, the round bottom of the track is a no-brainer to keep your door sliding perfectly for many years down the road.

 Either one directional or bi parting sliding doors help you to adjust air flow in and out of your building, along with quickly favoring temperature changes. A distinct advantage of sliding barn doors is being able to leave them part way open for air flow, and yet easily walk through. This gives you access plus control over your interior environment.

Overhead  door

Pole barns are often used in the agricultural industry but can also be used as storage spaces for other commercial buildings. Over head  barn door is a typical garage door that opens upward. Overhead doors seal better so are the right choice for insulated buildings. Although it’s more expensive than a sliding door, it’s relatively cost-effective for a door you’ll be using regularly. Operate manually or motor operated depending upon the size  and weight of the door and building. available in insulated and non-insulated versions. Both door lines are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Even if you don’t choose to use an automatic opener, garage doors don’t freeze up like sliding doors do in blustery winter time weather. So, for convenience they can’t be beat.

Roll up door :

These doors are easy to use  and great for storage for commercial use. They offer good durability over time, even with frequent use. Like modern sliding doors, high-quality roll up doors have smooth tracks that makes it practically effortless to open and close. They also tend to be very durable when it comes to rain and wind, due to being made of metal. Roll up door cost is similar to overhead doors, without the benefit of remote controls or larger doors.

Hydraulic door

Hydraulic doors are big, wide, heavy duty doors that swing open.One of the biggest benefits of hydraulic doors is that they are designed to open outward. This lets you save more interior space for storage. They were originally used for airplane hangars, but are now commonly used for agricultural and commercial buildings, You can purchase a solid, single piece hydraulic door or bi fold door. A single piece hydraulic door will swing straight out if it’s hinged at the top.

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