Dock and Door Systems, is a commercial door and loading dock service provider in Houston, Texas. We provide a full spectrum of services, from design consultation and installation of industrial doors, Speciality doors, H.V.L.S fans, and dock levelers, through to repair and ongoing maintenance. Our goal is to understand exactly what your project needs, and provide the best possible solution tailored specifically to your industry and business goals. In an ever changing environment, providing customers with up to date information about new product lines or innovations in the loading dock and commercial and industrial door industry to ensuring the best possible solution is provided for each individual B2B customers. Dock and Door Systems aims to provide solutions to your problems for any particular industry needs/application you can expect.

Expert service Provider Houston, Tx.

Our team has combined experience of more than 70 years of experience in Engineering, including Hydraulics, Mechanical, Pneumatics, Robotics, and Electrical , so you can trust that we will find the right solution for your project. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of industry innovations, and will always make sure you have the latest product information. All our technicians are certified and seasoned trained, and we use OEM products.

Planned Maintenance Program

Our Planned Maintenance Program will take care of your regular services checks so you can rest easy knowing your business will always run smoothly. During these scheduled reviews, we will assess the condition of each piece of equipment, and provide a written report of the systems health. Any faults will be repaired, and minor maintenance services performed. Regular checks are vital for staying on top of any potential future failures, and ensuring we have plenty of time to recommend solutions before small problems escalate.

Trust and Performance

We believe that our customers are our most valuable assets, and have built our organisation on a foundation of trust. Dock and Door Systems invest heavily in our staff so that they can in turn provide you with expert level service beyond your expectations. We enjoy a strong relationship and solid history with many Tier 1 suppliers.

Leading Material Handling Systems Supplier and Integrator Tx.

Dock and Door Systems, Inc are leading suppliers of complex material handling solutions for the automotive, assembly, manufacturing and distribution / Warehouse industries. We are a team of problem solvers, solution providers and integrators. In addition to efficient and reliable automated material handling and integrated controls, we offer and custom industrial door and loading dock solutions.

Creativity and Innovation

Keeping up with the latest innovations is vital to ensuring we are providing the best possible solution for your loading dock and door systems. We combine creative thinking with solutions focused engineering to provide you with the best possible solution to your projects needs. Dock and Door Systems, Inc specialize in material handling conveying systems for assembly & distribution, storage, pick and shipping solutions.


We have the most efficient automated material handling systems, with integrated controls to deliver optimized turnkey solutions. We use a structured design and implementation process to help you maximize the usage and return on investment [ R.O.I] of your material handling system.


We utilize advanced technologies and efficient plant layouts with diligent engineering to deliver reliable solutions to your businesses needs. All our systems are designed to handle the stringent demands placed on global manufacturers, and we provide regular on site assessments to make sure your equipment stays up to date.